VINOSORB Adsorbent Material

General description

This is a green and natural adsorbent material based on Palygorskite mineral. The material is intended to be used as an adsorbent agent for clarification and settling of wines, juices and other beverages in the wine-making and foods industries as well as to prevent recurrent opacification of those products.

VINOSORB is manufactured in full compliance with the national Ukrainian standard DSTU 2859-94 (GOST 30233-95) ‘Palygorskite adsorbent for wine-making industry.’

The material is used as 10-20% water-based suspension with certain grain size. The use of VINOSORB does not require any special process modifications as the product can be perfectly applied within standard wine- and beverage-making processes.

The use of VINOSORB as as adsorbent material has several advantages over bentonitic clays:

  • lower process dosage
  • significantly reduced settling time (from 14 down to 1-3 days)
  • lower target product waste due to compact and easily separable sediment
  • low dry consumption: only 0.8-1.0 g VINOSORB powder per 1 liter wine or juice
Product Specifications
No. Item Description / Value
1 Appearance Light gray to pale-yellow clay in the form of small angular-grained chips with a rough surface
2 Sensory appearance without taste or smell
3 Mineral content, % (min) 90.0
4 Moisture content, % (max) 15
5 pH value (in water-based suspension, max) 6.0
6 Sieve residue by weight (GOST 6613)
No. 004, % (min) 90.0
No. 025, % (max) 5.0
pan residue, % (max) 5.0
7 Swelling, % (max) 70.0
8 Sludge in 10% water suspension, % (max) 0.5
9 Sand and coarse particle content, % (max) 5.0
10 Absorptive capacity by gelatin, mg/100 g (min) 25.0
11 Calcium content, mg/100 g (max) 0.05
12 Iron content, mg/100 g (max) 0.08
13 Arsenic presence none
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