Palygorskite for Vegetable Oil Refinement

General description

This is a green and natural adsorbent material based on Palygorskite clays (a close 'analog' of Attapulgite) that comes in three different grades (PK-1, PK-2 and PK-powder). The material is intended to be used as an adsorbent agent in refinement of vegetable oils at different stages of the refinement/rectification process.

This product is manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of Technical Conditions 00132003.003-99 "Palygorskite for vegetable oil refinement."

When used as an adsorbent agent this product allows to:

  • remove mechanical suspensions and partially remove colloidally-dissolved substances that usually precipitate during storage, including phosphatides, proteins, parts of cellular tissue, non-fat substances, wax, various mechanical impurities, acids and moisture.
  • have a certain drainage effect
  • have a bleaching effect.
Product Specifications
No. Item Description / Value
PK-powder PK-1 PK-2
1 Appearance Light gray powder, PK-1 and PK-2 may exhibit inclusions of irregularly shaped black-colored particles
2 Sensory appearance without taste or smell
3 Bulk density, kg/m3 (min) 540 530 520
4 Moisture content by weight, % (max) 10 10 10
5 Grain content by weight, % 90 60 80
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