Pet Care Substrate/Litter

We offer our ready-for-use pet care substrate/litter under the brand name MURKA in different sizes and packages to help with everyday pet care. It is suitable for most pets, including cats, rodents (e.g., chinchillas), reptiles and birds.

The best natural adsorbent material boasts:

  • unique water absorption, odor neutralization and dropping containment properties
  • strong antibacterial effect
  • pronounced fungicidal action (inhibits development and growth of fungi)

Our material is there to care for your pet's health and keep your house tidy!

MURKA™ Pet Care Litter

See the price list for MURKA™ pet care litter.

Our litter is made of premium natural adsorbent material and comes in a handy and durable packaging.

We guarantee quality, arrange shipping and maintain a discount system for our clients.

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