General view of the adsorbent factory facilities
General view of the adsorbent factory facilities

Company Information

Svetlovodsk Adsorbent Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of Palygorskite clay-based adsorbing substances in Ukraine.

Our mission and main business objective is production of premium-quality Palygorskite-based adsorbents which are a very close substitute for Attapulgite-based materials, having virtually the same properties but being significantly cheaper in mining, concentration and usage.

All our adsorbent products are properly certified to comply with the requirements of the national standards of Ukraine and respective technical regulations.

The company's business history goes back to 1996 when an adsorbent production facility was designed and constructed by order of the Ministry of Energy in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Today, it is a striving and growing business.

We operate our own manufacturing facility that is capable of large-scale production on a continuous basis to enable regular product deliveries.

The factory maintains stable operation and continuously increases its output. In our work, we aim for expansion of our product range, and put our best efforts to keep and improve our quality while driving down our costs.

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